New Patients
Free consultation
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As a new patient of our office, you will be treated with special care. We want to limit the roadblocks to finding out what is possible for your smile. You will receive:

1. Digital photographic series
2. Necessary radiographs (xrays)
3. Smile analysis
4. Comprehensive evaluation
5. Consultation with Dr. Rittenberg to develop a treatment plan based upon your goals, priorities, timeline and budget. All of your questions will be answered , an exact fee quote given along with financial options to make care affordable.

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Comfort Dental Care

Read testimonial about the comforts we provide.

Dentistry While You Sleep (also called “Relaxation Dentistry”)

This is a great option for patients who experience anxiety at the mere thought of having dental treatment!  These are sometime the patients who have avoided coming to the dentist, but are looking for a way to restore their teeth to a comfortable, healthy, condition.  A number of safe medications that can be taken orally create a relaxed and calm experience.  The patient will be able to verbally and physically respond to cues and questions.  The use of these sedative medications help make one more comfortable so the dental team can accomplish more in less time and less visits with a high degree of quality.

Prescription Strength Numbing Gel

Our patients tell us that Dr. Rittenberg’s injections are virtually pain-free.  One important step is we use a prescription strength numbing gel which is very effective.  We even have numbing gels strong enough that injections are often not needed for minor periodontal (gum) procedures.

“The Wand”

This revolutionary new computer controlled local anesthetic system helps conquer fear, pain and anxiety.  The constant optimum flow is one key to this virtually pain-free injection.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, sometimes known as “laughing gas”, is a safe effective technique to calm the fear of a dental visit.  The patient feels a sense of well-being and relaxation.  One remains fully conscious and keeps all natural reflexes when breathing nitrous oxide.  It is mild, easily administered, and wears off in minutes after the procedure.


Here are just some of the ways we try to go out of our way to make your visit more relaxed and pleasant.

1. Flat screen T.V. in each room
2. I-Pod with variety of music
3. Neck and lumbar support pillows
4. Sunglasses for sensitivity to light
5. Personal lip balm