New Patients
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As a new patient of our office, you will be treated with special care. We want to limit the roadblocks to finding out what is possible for your smile. You will receive:

1. Digital photographic series
2. Necessary radiographs (xrays)
3. Smile analysis
4. Comprehensive evaluation
5. Consultation with Dr. Rittenberg to develop a treatment plan based upon your goals, priorities, timeline and budget. All of your questions will be answered , an exact fee quote given along with financial options to make care affordable.

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General Dentistry

Dr. Rittenberg’s dedication to continuing education guarantees the best technology and expertise as well as the latest procedures for all of your general dentistry needs.

Your complete oral health is our goal.Our exams are fast, convenient, comfortable, and comprehensive.

Below is a list of our general dentistry services

Oral Comfort Maintenance

Crowns - cover unsightly, chipped, cracked, or broken teeth to improve comfort and health. We use technology called the Cerec machine to create and place the restoration in one visit. Read more

Bridges - a stationary dental prosthesis designed to resemble teeth and fill areas where teeth have been removed.

Fillings- restoration of lost tooth structure with metal, resin, or porcelain materials.

Sealants - Thin resin material bonded in the pits and fissures of back teeth for decay prevention.

Tooth removal
Restorative care - the replacement of a portion of a damaged tooth.

Root canal therapy - removing the pulp of a tooth and filling the canal with an inert material.

Denture stabilization - mini implants that anchor your dentures in place in about an hour at about one-half the cost of previous implant procedures.

Oral Health Maintenance

Cleanings- often called prophylaxis, dental cleanings are recommended 2 to 4 times per year by the American Dental Association.

Home care instruction


Gum disease treatment - treatment for everything from simple inflammation to major soft tissue and bone damage.

Nutrition counseling

Oral cancer screening - Read more

Tooth Replacement

Dental implants - a strong titanium post that is placed below the gum and serves as an anchor for one or more artificial teeth. We use mini implants, which are simpler, non-surgical, and more cost-effective. Read more