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As a new patient of our office, you will be treated with special care. We want to limit the roadblocks to finding out what is possible for your smile. You will receive:

1. Digital photographic series
2. Necessary radiographs (xrays)
3. Smile analysis
4. Comprehensive evaluation
5. Consultation with Dr. Rittenberg to develop a treatment plan based upon your goals, priorities, timeline and budget. All of your questions will be answered , an exact fee quote given along with financial options to make care affordable.

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Mini Dental Implants

Florida dentist, Dr. Rittenberg is committed to offering patients top-quality dental care at a price they can afford. Mini implants are one of the many methods Dr. Rittenberg utilizes to achieve those goals.

Affordable, effective, and highly sought after, mini implants work similar to the popular full-size dental prosthetics. They are placed in the mouth while the client is under a local anesthetic. The titanium post of the prosthetic eventually becomes part of the existing jawbone, providing a strong anchor. The biggest difference between mini implants regarding structure is the fact that they feature a smaller diameter than other implants. There are several benefits to the smaller diameter, including a far lower price and a less painful, less invasive insertion process.

Mini implants, which are sometimes referred to as narrow body implants, are used to replace missing teeth and as an anchor for dentures. The anchoring effect of the mini implant is likely the biggest reason for its popularity. Most individuals with dentures, both full and partial, experience a good deal of sliding and discomfort when wearing their prosthetics. Having mini implants grafted into the jawbone to hold down the prosthetic reduces slippage and pain. It also alleviates the need for sticky, foul tasting adhesive.

The process is quick and effective. It can be completed in-office, with minimal pain or disruption to one’s schedule. Both new and existing clients who are interested in obtaining mini implants should contact Jacksonville dentist Dr. Rittenberg to schedule an appointment today.